"With its dance beats, pop choruses and jangly guitars this album flows nicely and makes for a very complete record. It also keeps your foot tapping with a great tempo throughout"                            

Have You Heard

"Going for the potential stadium sound, there is an easy-going charm to these songs. WhiteMoor are big, bouncy and brilliant. Keep an eye on them."                            

One On One Music

"Urging, ethereal rush of guitar and synth textures backed up by a solid rhythm section and upbeat melodies"                            

Circle Pit

"Stadium synths epic vocals and massive drums, WhiteMoor have their own signature style and are bringing their stadium sound into the 21st century"                            


"WhiteMoor have the future in the palms of their hands, no-one else is doing what they do and having an incredible impact."                            

The Music Manual

"WhiteMoor's raggedly intense and free flowing Indie Rock is technically superb, a brilliant vindication of time well spent"                            


"WhiteMoor is the perfect indie album, taking the listener through so many elements of alternative music. Each and every song is a classic, and anthem in the making"                            

Sally's Gig Reviews


Midlands Music Maniacs

"High Lights has a massive, rather crisp sound and is excellently produced"                            

Pump Sessions

"Infectious, anthemic, and confident"                            

Our Generation

"This is one of the best CDs I've been sent in my career"                            

Lights Go Out Magazine

"The Manics on prozac"                            

Our Generation

"WhiteMoor are back even stronger with the second single taken from their explosive new album Horizons"                            

It's All Indie

"All 11 tracks on this debut album are electrifying"                            

Arch Recordings

"Infectious ear pleasing melodies backed with an intoxicating swirl of guitars, a sound that will please more than just the usual indie crowd"                            

The Telegraph

"The album does not have one duff moment and keeps the listener enthralled with intricate melody, heartfelt lyrics and a feeling that you must play this record to all of your friends"                            

Music Without ID

"Derby's Greatest New Band"                            

Sandman Magazine

"This band know how to write songs and how to write them well. We're in love with High Lights"                            

It's all Indie

"Full of powerful hooks, rasping vocals, a catchy guitar and a great pace that just makes you want to dance, There are no weak points on the album and in my opinion not a single filler track in sight"                            

These Are Sounds

"With the addition of soaring vocals and an incredibly infectious chorus, the band have crafted an indie track that fully warrants significant radio play"                            

Can you hear this

"As Charming as Snow Patrol, as entertaining as The Killers"                            

Sound-Hub Records

"WhiteMoor are back and back with an even bigger sound! And they return with the stadium sounding 'High Lights'"                            

Avenue Mag

"Rock Gods and Synth Legends"                            

Sheffield Scenester

"It will knock you over with the sheer force of its excellence"                            

Band of Banjo Playing Badgers

"They seem to have found their style and they know how to do it well"                            

These are sounds

"No matter who you are, you will find a song you adore, that's one of the factors that make the WhiteMoor experience even more dynamite."                            

The Music Manual

"It is hard to pick out a song or two that isn't up to par with the rest due to the fact that every single song on the album is perfectly polished and adds to the fullness of the album"                            

Your Music News

"A potential arena-filling super group, definitely the best thing to have come from Derby in recent years"                            

From Dusk 2 Dawn Magazine

"Whitemoor however have re-invented the genre of British Indie to once again stand tall. Britain's answer to The Killers"                            

The Paul ST Journal

"High Lights is pure devotional Guitar-Pop heavily coated in romantic keyboard introspection."                            


"They're producing some very smooth sounds that both delight and massage the ears in equal measure."                            

Rockulus Maximus

"Packed with infectious melodies and razor sharp production"                            

Paul St. Journal

"This infectious power pop allows you to forget everything for around forty minutes and lose yourself in the beat"                            

Amped Reviews

"WhiteMoor are one of the finest bands around, What I love about them is they do the pop thing so well but at the same time the guitars are used so creatively. They simply have everything and manage to do things that very few other people manage to achieve"                            


"Tangled with melodic intros and gorgeous lyrics, its the eccentricity that defines them. Giving Derby a taste of what an up and coming indie band should sound like. It's refreshing to see really talented musicians create an album like this"                            

Derbyshire Times

"It's a catchy, diverse song with a comfortably easy listening sound to it."                            

Alt Music Review

"This album should be on your shelf and in your music collection because you will struggle to find a better album"                            

Media essentials

"There is so much life and energy from this track, when it does end you'll be gasping for more"                            

Band of Banjo Playing Badgers

"Crunching guitars and soaring vocals give their sound a stadium feel"                            

Can you hear this

"Tracks from the new album are truly inspired"                            

Electric Banana

"A local super group, absolutely brilliant"                            

Dean Jackson, BBC Radio